Tomorrow People Related Sounds

I hope that in time this page will grow but for the moment I have the following available for download. These wav files are quite large and so have been zipped to save space. - this file is of a musical performance from 1993 of the song, Robin, Prince of Sherwood from the stage musical of the same name starring Michael Holoway (Mike) as Robin Hood. This particular performance took place on the BBCs Blue Peter. There are several people singing but it is possible to hear Michael Holoway individually as there are several sections of the song he sings himself. - the complete wav file of Byron Lucifer's (Danny John Jules) 'Howling at the Moon'. This file is longer than the excerpt that was actually shown in The Living Stones and runs just over two minutes. - a wav file of Michael Holowat (as Zac Zolar) singing in the Minder episode A Star Is Gorn. The song lasts about one minute.

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