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This page is intended to be a repository of my Tomorrow People fanfics - both original series, new series and crossovers between the two. I have a fanfic project in progress which seeks to combine the two series. The project called 'A More Perfect Union' is outlined below.

A More Pefect Union

I have been a fan of the Tomorrow People for quite a while. I grew up on the original series, and when I first heard about the new series I was excited about it. When I finally saw it, while I found it interesting and enjoyed it, there were elements about it that, quite frankly, disappointed me. Primary among these was the fact that besides a few in-jokes it completely ignored the original series. A decision had been taken somewhere in its production to forget the original series.

 The new series (25 episodes in all) stood alone and did not rely on the original series. Indeed there were a variety of things within it that appeared, at first glance, to directly contradict the canon established in the original. I felt that this was a profound waste. The new series was neglecting the historical advantages that the 68 episodes and eight seasons of the original series could have given them.

 Consider Star Trek. A similar situation exists in that new series have been created that are similar to the original. But the difference in this case is that the new series' (ie The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager) directly refer to the original and take place in the same universe as it.

 But when I began thinking about the Tomorrow People, I realised something. There are no inconsistencies between the two series that couldn't be resolved or explained with a little imagination. I decided that combining these two series into one could be very interesting, and resolved to try it.

 A More Perfect Union is the result of this effort. This is to be a series of stories that all take place in the same universe - a universe where the two series, 1970s and 1990s, are one unified whole taking place in the same universe.

Completed Stories for A More Perfect Union

Stories To Come

(Note: all titles are provisional) I have only a limited idea of when these will be ready or even if they will all be finished. And there may be other stories eventually.

 Because of the nature of this project it is possible that people who are only familiar with one or other of the series may find characters introduced with whom they are not familiar. For these people I suggest they check out Beth Epstein's original series and new series character guides as they will give you enough information to follow the stories.

The first additions to this page in quite a while (new fanfics are nearing completion, but are not yet ready) are scans of the notes I used in writing Amalgamation. I thought they might be of interest to somebody. 

Other Stories

Here you can find my Tomorrow People stories that are not part of A More Perfect Union. Some of these may be plain Tomorrow People stories, others may be crossovers of one sort or another. Currently there is only one story here. More may follow. For Tomorrow People fanfics written by other people, go to the Tomorrow People Creative List Archive. Most of what is there is excellent.

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