The Tomorrow People DVDs and Videos

Wonderful news for Tomorrow People fans - at last, there is a legitimate way of getting copies of the original series of The Tomorrow People. Revelations Films has released the series on DVD (Region 0, PAL).

The quality of the DVDs is good - certainly light years ahead of the bootleg multigenerational copies fans have been familiar with. The picture quality is as good as can be reasonably expected from the reasonably old recordings - in my opinion, they are extremely good. As well as containing the episodes, the DVDs also include some images from the series, brief information about the characters (one noticeable flaw is that early DVDs carry a picture of Mike when referring to Stephen - while regrettable, this is overall a fairly minor issue), and about the actors. There is a audio commentary track on each DVD which gives interesting insights into many aspect of the series from the perspective of actors like Nicholas Young (John), Peter Vaughan Clarke (Stephen) and Philip Gilbert (TIM). In my opinion, these are the gem of the DVD release - these commentaries are fascinating from the perspective of a fan of The Tomorrow People and often highly amusing.

I strongly recommend these DVDs to any fan of the 1970s series of The Tomorrow People. Any video or DVD release is something many of us have been waiting for for years, and with the Revelations Film product, we do get a bit more than just the basics.

The DVDs and Videos may be purchased online at Big Finish.
A DVD box set of the entire 1990s series of The Tomorrow People has also been released. Five discs in one box set, one for each of the serials. While this is certainly something that any fan of the 1990s series will want to have - production quality DVDs of the series - unlike the 1970s series, there are no commentaries. These discs are Region 2, PAL, so if you are outside the United Kingdom, you will need a region free DVD player to enjoy them.

The DVD set can be purchased from Amazon UK.

The 1997 documentary Beyond Tomorrow has finally been made available to fans. This DVD includes interviews with many of the cast members of the 1970s series, and is definitely highly recommended. It is Region 0 PAL and is available from Big Finish.

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