The Tomorrow People Audio Dramas

Over the last few years, Big Finish has released a series of Audio Dramas on CD based on the 1970s series of the Tomorrow People, and including a number of actors from the original series.

I shall be blunt. While initially excited about these stories, I was very turned off the whole idea when in only the second CD released, I feel major liberties were taken with the established canon of the Tomorrow People. I don't want to spoil in these reviews, but it felt at the time as if not enough care was being taken with the principles that had drawn me (and I believe many other fans to the series) and that Big Finish might be going for shock value, over faithfulness to the concept.

But I am now willing to reconsider this - with over 20 CDs released, Big Finish has had time to convince me that they don't have a cavalier attitude to the Tomorrow People, and do take it seriously.

And that's why I have set up this page.

So far, I haven't had time to see whether they have redeemed themselves - but comments by other fans who I respect, and who I know are as committed to the series as I am, have left me hopeful that they have. And so as I purchase and listen to the CDs, I intend to post reviews here.

It might be a while - they are moderately expensive, especially from Australia, and so far I only have the first season and have only had a chance to listen to two stories.

Regardless, many fans do like these stories, and Big Finish is to be commended for giving fans new material. Always welcome. The CDs may be purchased online at Big Finish.

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