Theories of Breakout

At this present time, we can with some certainty identify 19 Tomorrow People known to have broken out since the early 1970s. In addition to the 16 identified definite members of the species Homo superior we can with confidence include Pavla Vlasovla (mentioned as being 'one of us' or some similar term) as well as two unnamed individuals - a 19 year old girl soldier who disappeared during experiments at the Experimental Weapons Establishment during the 1970s and an unidentified male killed during a failed capture attempt by Professor Galt in 1992. It is a curious fact that at least 12 of these 19 were of British origin (one could almost say 13 as it seems very likely the ‘girl soldier’ was British. It is also certainly plausible, but in no way substantiated that the male killed in Professor Galt’s experiment was British.). In other words approximately 63% of a particular group made up of three distinct racial groupings were from one relatively small island nation with only just over 1% of the world’s population. This is a very significant statistical anomaly when it is considered that at least part of the basis for being a Tomorrow Person must be genetic and with the variation in race and no indication of relationship between Tomorrow People, it would seem likely that the genetic potential is fairly widespread throughout the worlds population.

The existence of this genetic basis for being a Tomorrow Person can be extrapolated from three facts in particular. The first is that the Tomorrow People have been identified a distinct species, Homo superior, by advanced alien races (The Visitor). The second is the identification of the Tomorrow People as members of the species Homo novis by Rabowski (The Medusa Strain). The third and most telling fact is a definite statement by John that a gene makes the Tomorrow People what they are (Hitler’s Last Secret). The combination of these facts suggest beyond all reasonable doubt in my opinion that the abilities of the Tomorrow People are at least partly genetic.

It can also be determined that the mere existence of this gene (or gene complex) is not enough for the abilities of a Tomorrow Person to manifest themselves. A case in point is that of Patricia Conway who despite having the requisite genes to break out was somehow retarded in her abilities well beyond the normal time of breakout (Secret Weapon, The Revenge of Jedikiah). It appears that break out is somehow related to adolescence. With the exception of Patricia and possibly Elizabeth all known break outs have occurred during presumed physical adolescence. Certainly these break outs have occurred at opposite ends of puberty (with Kenny and Kevin in early adolescence, while Adam was in late adolescence (Elizabeth as well, possibly - she is very difficult to classify precisely in this way).

With the acceptance of the facts that a genetic predisposition towards break out does not guarantee break out and the fact that a very large proportion of Tomorrow People are from the British Isles and that the genetic complex is not solely limited to one race or to one country we are faced with attempting to define theories to explain the phenomenon of break out.

I have developed a theory of break out that may help serve to explain this phenomenon. (Note: I am not the only person to have come up with this theory or a similar one).


The essence of this theory is simple. A ‘dormant’ Tomorrow Person (ie, one who has the necessary genetic make up but has exhibited none of the abilities of the species) is more likely to break out if they are in regular contact with other Tomorrow People. Examples of cases where this theory would apply include:

  1. Elizabeth who breaks out after close contact with John and Stephen.
  2. Patricia who breaks out after contact with John, Elizabeth, Tyso and Stephen
  3. Megabyte and Kevin who break out after close contact with each other.
  4. Ami who breaks out after contact with Kevin, Adam, and Megabyte.
  5. Jade who breaks out after contact with Ami and Kevin, and close contact with Adam and Megabyte.
To this we can add the possibility that the 'girl soldier' was in proximity to Patricia at the time of break out. There is no proof of this, but it certainly seems possible. We now have at least 6 of the 19 Tomorrow People identified having been in close proximity to other Tomorrow People (latent or otherwise) at the time of break out. This is a very high proportion - in my opinion, too great to be put down to chance.


As an adjunct to this theory it seems possible that there is some form of attraction (probably telepathic) between Tomorrow People. This may serve to bring dormant Tomorrow People into contact with active Tomorrow People, thus increasing their chance of break out. It is known that Tomorrow People prior to break out are able to send telepathic messages. It is therefore not inconceivable that they in some way may be drawn to other Tomorrow People telepathically. This could perhaps be likened to the action of pheromones between certain creatures.

As evidence of this possible attraction, we can offer a few cases. The most apparent is the friendship between Megabyte and Kevin. Despite an age difference they are drawn to each other as friends. However, some other possible cases do exist. Ami definitely seems to have been drawn to the other Tomorrow People - to Kevin in particular (a possibility - perhaps a Tomorrow Person in danger may instinctively call out to other Tomorrow People in the vicinity. Examples of this may include Hsui Tai's contact with Mike). Jade also obviously feels a strong attraction to other Tomorrow People - although this may be merely a result of her knowledge of what they are, or her apparent infatuation with Megabyte.

This theory (Theory of Attraction) may be coupled with the Theory of Proximity very easily - if proximity serves to increase the chance of break out, it is not inconceivable that some mechanism may exist in nature that makes two Tomorrow People coming into proximity more likely - a mechanism such as a force of attraction.

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