The Living Stones

by Nigel Robinson

published by Sapling, London

©1995 Boxtree Limited
She didn't know how good she had it. There were billions of her kind on the planet, compared to only a handful of TPs. If their existence was made public knowledge, then he and Adam, and Lisa and Ami and Kevin, and all those other Tomorrow People whose existence he only suspected, would be regarded as freaks, treated no better than animals in a zoo.
- Megabyte Damon in The Living Stones

The Living Stones is a novelisation based on one of the serials of the 1990s series of The Tomorrow People. Of the shows major characters only Adam, Megabyte and Jade appear in the story. The story concerns the TPs attempts to prevent a major threat to human life from developing to a dangerous point, and handles this very well. The story is well written, in fact, I think this is the best written of the new series novelisations that I have seen. It is certainly not a brilliant piece of literature but is well above the normal standard of a childrens 'pulp' SF story.

There is some rather good examination of the TPs emotions and what it means to be a Tomorrow Person. There is also some very good handling of general emotional issues and the pain that having to be a hero can bring. Finally and perhaps most significantly the story gives some insight into Adam's past and into his motivations.

I enjoyed this book immensely and recommend it to anyone who can find it. Like all the Tomorrow People books it can be very hard to find. In the UK it should retail for around £4 and in Australia, for about $12. I have no idea of prices in the US or anywhere else.

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