The Tomorrow People in One Law

by Roger Price

© 1976 Roger Price
"We're worried about you, Mike, because as Tomorrow People - and that's what you are whether you like it or not - as Tomorrow People we all have certain duties and obligations. Stephen's told you, I know, but you don't seem to be taking them seriously. And there could be serious consequences."

One Law is based on the original series serial of the same name and I won't go into the plot here except to say that while similar, it is not quite identical. We do get some slightly different information, and in my opinion, the novel is lightly more sympathetic to Mike than the serial was.

It also has elements of humour that did not exist as strongly in the serial, and more time for character development.

Is it worth buying?

Obviously it is, although perhaps not as critically as some other stories, because if you have seen the serial you know the plot and the book carries very few surprises. But with the general scarcity of the novelisations, you would do well to pick this up if you see it.

Like all the original TP books, this one is hard to find (I know I'm looking for all of them). I have th 1978 edition which retailed for 40p in the UK and $1.15 in Australia. You'd expect to pay more today but you can be very lucky.

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