The Lab (1978-?)

The Lab (1978-?)

This Lab first appeared in The Lost Gods. No real explanation was given in the series as to why the Tomorrow People had moved their base, but it seems reasonable to suppose that it had something to do with security as the original Lab located in the London Underground was broken into on several occasions. Indeed this is confirmed as the reason in the novelisation of The Lost Gods (page 13). It is never revealed in the series where this new Lab is located geographically (beyond the fact that it is on Earth - revealed in The Thargon Menace where it is mentioned that an earthquake occurring after the crash of an alien spacecraft was felt in the Lab), and nobody is ever seen to exit or enter by any means except jaunting or matter transporter so we do not know if any physical exits exist.

The central area of the Lab surrounding the Jaunting Pad

The part of the Lab left of the Jaunting Pad. The doorway leads to the boy's cabins.

The part of the Lab right of the Jaunting Pad. The doorway leads to the girl's cabins.

The Tomorrow People travel by jaunting and virtually all jaunts to and from the Lab begin on the Jaunting Pad. So it is not surprising that the pad is prominent - it serves as the Tomorrow People's doorway to the world.

The Jaunting Pad

In this Lab, TIM is mobile - he? has the ability to move around a limited area of the Lab although his? normal location is where he? is depicted on the plan above between the two couches. TIM is smaller than he? was before and has only three dome lights instead of the four in the original Lab.

TIM (post The Lost Gods)

On the far left hand wall of the Lab is the video screen. This is controlled by TIM and can be used as a video display for information, for pictures from the Watchdog satellites, or for communication with the Galactic Trig.

The Video Screen

On the far right hand wall is a door leading to at least one workshop. We never see behind this door so there may well be other rooms there. It is also presumedly used for storage.

Door to the Workshop

Only four cabins are depicted on the plan although it is likely that at least one other exists (Andrew's cabin is never shown, but it seems safe to assume he does have one). The cabins are all identical and are possibly of a modular design which would make adding new ones easy - a sensible precaution as you never know when a new Tomorrow Person may break out.

Mike's Cabin (others are identical except for posters and bedcoverings)

The cabins are sparsely furnished. A bed, a cupboard and a mirror are seen in the series and each Tomorrow Person decorates their room with posters of their choice. There is a small area on the left side (facing inwards from the corridor) of each room which is never clearly identified. I have assumed this to be a shower as the novelisation of Hitler's Last Secret by Roger Price makes it clear that each Tomorrow Person has a private shower cubicle (page 65).

At the front of the Lab is a workbench that seems to serve as a general science Laboratory.

The Workbench

There is also the medi-probe couch which is normally located on the right side of the Lab near the workroom. This couch can be used to diagnose and also to treat various medical conditions.

The medi-probe couch

Not shown on the plan is the medi-probe couch, or the workbench as I do not know if they are fixed features.

I do not claim that this plan is totally accurate and some of it is based on supposition, but it does seem a reasonable depiction to me. If you have any comments or any corrections please e-mail me.

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