The Tomorrow People Filmography
(New Series)


The original intention of these page was to provide a listing of all the roles, TV and film, that the actors who played major characters in The Tomorrow People were in. Following several requests I have decided to enlarge the filmography to include even more actors who played more minor roles in the show. I am attempting to see as many of these performances as possible, and I will comment on the films, and the role the Tomorrow Person actor played wherever possible. Some of my information may be incorrect or incomplete.

 In general terms the following criteria are used to determine whether or not an actor is included in this filmography.

  1. The actor concerned played a Tomorrow Person
  2. The actor concerned appeared in more than one serial playing a character who can be reasonably assumed to be the same character in each serial
  3. The actor played a role that was significant to the plot of an episode (not yet completed)
The actors name is hyperlinked with the name of their character in brackets after it.