Monsoon Man

by Nigel Robinson

published by Sapling, London

©1995 Boxtree Limited
"Mucking around with the weather on a scale like that could be disastrous.
- Ami Jackson in Monsoon Man

This is the second novelisation based on the 1990s series of The Tomorrow People. I will attempt to keep this review as spoiler free as possible. For those who are interested the story contains Adam, Megabyte and Ami.

The plot of Monsoon Man is, in my opinion, the weakest of the 1990s series. That is not to say this is a bad story - merely that it is hard to take it seriously. The villains are quite silly, and the plot vaguely ludicrous.

It does has its strengths though and one of these is to give Adam a bit of a love interest - although what Adam sees in his youg paramour may be hard to see at times. And all three Tomorrow People have a chance to shine - the story shows the Tomorrow People working as a team at their best.

Another strength of the book is an examination, albeit cursory, of the reactions of a parent to their child becoming a Tomorrow Person. Mrs Jackson, Ami's mother, has only a limited understanding of what her daughter is and the prospect seems to frighten her. It's something rarely examined in the Tomorrow People, and it does seem that it would be a big issue.

Should I Read The Book?

Naturally - if you can find it. It is worth reading, but like all the novels can be very hard to get hold. The price at the time of publication was £3.99 in the UK and in Australia, the book (if you can find it) should retail for about $12.

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