The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction TOMORROW PEOPLE, THE
Television series (1973-7). A Thames TV Production. Produced by Ruth Boswell and Roger Price; series conceived by Roger Price; technical adviser: Dr Christopher Evans. Starring Nicholas Young, Peter Vaughan Clarke, Sammie Winmill, Stephen Salmon and Elizabeth Adare. Writers have included Brian Finch and Roger Price; directors have included Paul Bernard, Darrol Blake and Roger Price. 25 mins per episode. Colour.

The series incorporates many childhood wish-fulfilment fantasies; it concerns a group of MUTANT children with PSI POWERS who have banded together for self-protection. Their world is free of parental control and they live in a secret, underground base protected by a smooth-voiced super-computer. Most of the stories, each of which lasts an average of four episodes, involve either time travel or encounters with evil beings from outer space, As with most British TV series made for children the budget is limited, but within the limits so imposed the scripts, sets and special effects have been adequate.

Taken from: The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, edited by Peter Nicholls, published by Granada Publishing Limited in 1979.

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