Tomorrow People Computer Software

New Series Font

Finally my New Series True Type Font is available to download.

This font is based on the lettering that appears in the opening credits of the 1990s series of The Tomorrow People. It consists of the entire uppercase alphabet (duplicated in the lowercase), and all standard punctuation symbols (by standard I mean all those contained on a standard 101 Type keyboard).

This software is freeware but I retain the copyright on it and it must not be modified or used commercially without my permission. Personal use and use on web pages etc is fine - as long as you don't try to make money out of my work.

The reason for the omission of the lowercase alphabet from this font is that it is never seen in the opening credits, and my efforts to create my own compatible lowercase font have been of limited success - I cannot produce lower case letters that look acceptable as part of this font.

As I cannot test this font on a Macintosh (not owning one) I cannot be certain the Macintosh version will function correctly - if there are any problems with it, please e-mail me and I will attempt to rectify them..

(Please note that an excellent original series based font has been created by Dave Johnson and can be found at his page.)

Tomorrow People Computer Game

As can be seen, my Tomorrow People computer game is still in a very early stage of development.

The game will be based on the Original Series and will be programmed in AGI. It will featured EGA graphics and should run on all PC compatible machines.

The provisional title of the game is Last Man Standing.

The following was a provisional screen shot for the game.

However, the final screenshot will look something like this -  - comments on the quality of the graphics would be appreciated.

This page last updated 4th July 1999

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