Beyond The Tomorrow People

Linked from this page are some extracts from 'Beyond The Tomorrow People'  25th Anniversary video tape. For quite a long time, it seemed this documentary would never see the light of day, and these clips were made available to allow fans to see some of the work that had been done.
Copyright: Richard Lansberg
Presenter/Producer: Richard Lansberg
Director: Karen Fraser
Sound: Roy Smith
Camera: John Walker

The clips linked from this page are 1998-2000 Richard Lansberg and are included with permission. No claim is made to any rights to these clips or associated media.

Nicholas Young (John) Clip 1
Nicholas Young (John) Clip 2
Nicholas Young (John) Clip 3
Elizabeth Adare (Elizabeth M'Bondo) Clip 1

The 1997 documentary Beyond Tomorrow has finally been made available to fans. This DVD includes interviews with many of the cast members of the 1970s series, and is definitely highly recommended. It is Region 0 PAL and is available from Big Finish.

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