July 3rd, 1997, p22

Kid's Vid Of Week

The Genie From Down Under

(Reel) 75 minutes (G) sell through
WHEN spoilt English brat Penelope finds a magic opal containing two Australian genies, she quickly discovers she can have anything she wants. So, after calling off her mothers' wedding to a wealthy but pompous aristocrat, she decides to wish for some money and property of her own.

To her stunned surprise, she's immediately transported to a massive Australian cattle station, where she's forced to confront not only the folly of her ways, but also some serious competition for the prized opal.

Although not as classy as 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory', this co-production between the Australian Children's Television Foundation and the BBC has comparable appeal and energy, and Alexandra Milman is suitable poutish as Penelope.

The cast also includes Rhys Muldoon, Mark Mitchell and Ian McFadyen.