October 27, 1995, p69


What are the time-travelling Tomorrow People of the Seventies television series doing today?

MIKE HOLOWAY, who played Mike Bell in The Tomorrow People series, is very much a today person now, having made the transition from child actor to adult performer with ease. He's co-starring in the musical Twist And Shout on a nationwide tour. None of the other child stars of the series is prominent in showbusiness today.

Simon Stone, Ultragem Productions, London.

INTENDED as ITV's answer to Dr Who, the Thames TV children's series The Tomorrow People began in 1973 with Stephen Salmon playing Kenny, Sammie Winmill as Carol, Nicholas Young as John and Peter Vaughan Clarke as Stephen. They were homo superior, the next step in human evolution, with special powers of telepathy, telekinesis and self-teleportation through time and space.

The original four had an HQ in a disused London Underground tunnel and, over six series until 1979, protected Earth and its inhabitants with the help of their supercomputer Tim.

It spawned no stars apart from Holoway, though it did give an early part to Peter Davison who later played Dr Who.

(Article courtesy of Heidi Tandy)