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"They seem to be just ordinary kids. A bit quieter than most, perhaps. But they are The Tomorrow People, forerunners of a new race, homo superior. Gifted with superhuman powers they are Nature's response to man's aggression: a new species, wiser and more peaceloving than homo sapiens, and until more of their race evolve they have intergalactic responsibility for the future of Planet Earth" - adapted from 'The Visitor' by Roger Price and Julian R. Gregory.

This is a show which I loved when I was a kid. Why? The truth is that the TP (70s version) were the only guys on TV that I could relate to. It was the only show that I know of that treated kids as intelligent viewers and as responsible people. It is the show that more than anything else inspired my interest in Sci-Fi.

 There are many excellent Tomorrow People pages on the web. Many of them deal with only one series (either the 1970s or the 1990s versions) or at the very least keep them separate. That's because, as they have been created, they are separate series, similar in that they had the same creator and the same basic plot elements but different in that the events of the new series are not based on that of the original. My page is different - I choose to treat the first two series as one for the most part - two parts of the one whole. And so, therefore does my page.

In 2013, a new series aired in the United States (and subsequently in other countries), a remake based on the original series. Unlike the two previous incarnations, this series ws not a children's series, but is aimed at an older audience. I do intend to add content based on the 2013 CW Series, but that is very much a work in progress.

And there is some evidence, a new revival may be on the way.

Audio Dramas

Big Finish now produce Audio Dramas on CD based on the 1970s version of The Tomorrow People and starring some of the original cast, along with some new people. I have set up a page devoted to these here.


In one of the most welcome developments for fans of the Tomorrow People in many years, Revelation Films released the 1970s and 1990s series in DVD formats.My review of the DVDs can be found here.

The Tomorrow People Annual 1979

In 1978, The only Tomorrow People Annual was released. It is now a collectors item among fans, which relatively few have been able to see. I have therefore made a PDF available for download. The free Planetary Archaeology Department

The Lab(s) that were used by the Tomorrow People of the 1970s hold a special place in the minds of fans of the Tomorrow People. There were two main incarnations of the Lab, with the first Lab meant as a base for the Tomorrow People and constantly evolving and the second Lab being designed with living, as well as working, in mind. Below you can find an article identifying a possible location for the original Lab and also images and plans of all incarnations of the Lab

Episode Guides

I can now make available my original series episode guide and my new series episode guide.

Tomorrow People Today

In 1996, the Sci-Fi Channel Europe showed a series of short interviews with members of the 1970s cast. After several requests, I have made available screen captures of their appearances.

Dreamwatch Convention 1994

In 1994, a few of the original series' cast were guests at the Dreamwatch Convention. I have a few pictures of them captured from a video made by a fan at the time.

John: Nicholas Young (John) with Adam West (Batman)

Professor Cawston's Papers

I get a great deal of enjoyment in attempting to come up with pseudo scientific explanations for various Tomorrow People phenomena, and so I have decided to make available some of the explanations I have come up with for various subjects within the realms of the Tomorrow People. These articles are my own but I do not claim to be the originator of these theories or their only proponent, and they have been influenced by other peoples research and discussion on the TPDIS list.

Images from 'The Visitor'

'The Visitor' was a Tomorrow People novel written by Roger Price and Julian Gregory and published in 1973. Each chapter in that book was headed by an image drawn by Mike Jackson. Some people may be interested in these images and so they are available for download here.

My Impressions

I have written a brief description of my impression of each of the Tomorrow People.

The Tomorrow People Filmography

I am attempting to compile a listing of all roles the actors who played major characters from The Tomorrow People have played in other TV shows and in movies. I have filmographies for both the original series and the new series. I have just recently begun to add more images and, in some cases, movie files to these pages.

The Creator: Roger Damon Price

Tomorrow People Fanfiction

Now that I have completed my second TP fanfic, I've moved them to their own page.

Tomorrow People Related Sounds

There are other sites on the web that have sounds from The Tomorrow People, and so here have gone for something slightly different - sounds that are either not taken from the show or that are hard to find for some reason.

About Books

In 1980, Nicholas Young and Elizabeth Adare appeared as guest presenters on a program called About Books where they spoke about Science Fiction and The Tomorrow People. I have captured a few images from that program.

Media Articles

Below are several media articles which have something to do with 'The Tomorrow People'.

Lisa: Kristen Ariza today

Book Reviews

My Gallery of Images

Calling this my gallery doesn't mean I produced the pictures (although I did do the screen capturing). Rather they are images that either I like, or find quirky, I think other people would like to see, or people have asked for. Enter at your own risk! (not that there is anything actually risky about the pictures!)

Tomorrow People ASCII Art

Formal References To The Tomorrow People

I have made available the general references to the Tomorrow People from The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction edited by Peter Nicholls, the The Encyclopedia of TV Science Fiction by Roger Fulton, and Science Fiction: The Illustrated Encyclopedia by John Clute.

Mike: Michael Holoway as Jason in Jason and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Tomorrow People Computer Software

Computer software related to the Tomorrow People? Yes, it's true. So far, all that I have available is a True Type font based on the opening credits of the 1990s series of the Tomorrow People, but I am also working on a Tomorrow People Computer Game. You can check these out on my software page.

Tomorrow People Interviews

Over the years some of the Tomorrow People actors have been interviewed on television. Here you can find clips of some of their appearances.

The Unaired Pilot

Back in 1992, a pilot was made for the new series. When the series was commissioned, this pilot was remade and formed the basis of the beginning of the first serial. It was never released. I have a copy and a transcript can be found here. There is a link to the episode for download as well.

Beyond The Tomorrow People

For the Twenty Fifth Anniversary of the original series, a documentary was filmed. Technical difficulties have meant this was not initially released, but some clips from it were made available thanks to the generosity of the producer. The documentary was eventually released on DVD.

The Tomorrow People Scrap Book is marvellous - a source of much hard to find Tomorrow People material.

Years ago, the first Tomorrow People page I found on the web was The Tomorrow People Episode Guide and Photo Gallery. It's back - a source for an excellent original series episode guide and some interesting images.

Cult Times Instant Guide to the Tomorrow People - a decent in-brief overview.

Got a link you want included here or just want to comment. e-mail me.

Some of the images on this, and all my connected subpages, have been taken from other peoples sites. Permission has been obtained to use them when appropriate. The jaunting/teleporting sound effects heard on these pages were created by Amy Houghton and Wendy Kelley, and are used with their, very generous, permission.

 This page last updated 16th November 2017, and is always under construction

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